StrongHands History


As historically registered in this BitcoinTalk post, in September 2015, a developer known by his nickname “JackSon Briggs”, performed a fork of peercoin source code, including a hyperstaking feature that returned a 1200% APR, deploying a trillionaire supply, which caused an inflationary price because of a high density mint. It didn’t take long for him to leave the project behind, while people were still staking his coins.

In January 2018, a team led by Michael Larry-Reed (aka Bitcoinbabys), an investor known as “Mike The Great” and a developer known as “Bumbacoin” , decided to perform a COMMUNITY TAKEOVER, creating a community on Discord and were supported by an engaged Japanese community, aiming to rescue the whole project because of its social value. Investments were made in the SHND blockchain economics by listing the coin in relevant exchanges. Then, in Q1 of 2018, Valter Ribeiro (aka VDR) joined the team to lead the communities, followed by many developers who came along to contribute with a new fork, in order to prevent inflation and eventually move on. Operation was successful. The blockchain and economy became more reliable and stable.


To consolidate our management team, the project gained an additional board member in 2022. Experienced entrepreneur John Roel, active in the energy sector in the Netherlands, joined the team to contribute with his expert business insight, promoting AMAs and speaking to the community.

The team is made of several members of  community, who work in different areas and countries, developers who are experts in smart contracts, applications and security. We’re about technology, creators of innovative projects to make everyone’s lives easier. Our vision is inclusive: everyone should have access to our technology.